How to Recruit Prospects for Your Home Business

You’re new online and you are excited about your new business but you have no idea where to find prospects who are ready to sign on the dotted line. So just how do you start attracting people into your business?

Listed here are a few methods for getting you up to speed in no time without breaking the bank.

1. Your Community - There are TONS of events going on each week, no matter where you live, you can locate social events where you can find prospects that would be interested in your business. Just make sure you go prepared with your arsenal of promotions for your business on hand. My motto is never leave home without them.

2. Social Media Sites - It is extremely easy to prospect on social networks such as Facebook. In essence Facebook is free and it's a great place to start, but it takes money to make money and eventually you want to branch out into paid ads. Those are the sponsored ads you see to the right of your time line; they pull thousands of more prospects than you could ever get going the free route. Trying to acquire new fans (sales leads) and build a following, it’s going to take time and, yes, money. Start out small and build from your success. You can find out more about how Facebook advertising works here.

Facebook is also effective in driving targeted traffic to your business opportunity, business page, or lead capture page. Even with a limited budget you can leverage Facebook Ads and pages to drive tons of traffic. Always promote your page just like you would promote your website or blog.

3. Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Forum Marketing - There are many social sites network marketers can leverage to build connections with their audience. You can create a free account on any of the social network then go out and begin connecting. Engage by posting insightful comments, adding attractive content, and become a part of the conversation. It's easy to get noticed online when you are sharing information that engages, entertains and evokes attention. Always check the upgrades and or at least take advantage of their advertising services, that’s how the big dogs become the big dogs faster than the little dogs.

4. Classified Ads - Classifieds really work, you would be surprised to see some of the big marketers who use them. You can grab important prospects, get new customers, sell your products and services, but only if you know how to use classifieds smartly and consistently. Target your best prospects, every newspaper or website has its own particular kind of audience. Your ad won't sell unless your product is something that the publication's particular audience would buy. To figure out the audience a publication is reaching, look at their articles and ads. What kinds of businesses are advertising? What sorts of things are they selling? What type of people would buy these things? Spend a little extra to stand out from the crowd, it makes you look important. Featured ads, Bold type or any extra enhancements will keep you at the top uf your game and get you extra prospects.

5. Traffic Exchanges - Take your time to understand the Traffic Exchange Market and structure a campaign accordingly. Spend some time acquainting yourself with the various advertising mediums available such as full page views, banner and text ad displays and various other alternatives offered by a variety of Traffic Exchanges. Continually monitor results and tweak headlines accordingly to realize profit, consider ramping up profitable campaigns by buying advertising credits.

6. Safelists - Safelist advertising works well if you advertise in the RIGHT safelists and use them right! You have to write the right ads in the right safelists. What are the right lists? The main point to choose a list is to check if it is a paid list. Paid Safelists are much more effective than the free lousy lists which are floating through the net. Paid Safelists cost money, but they are worth it! Members are reading the ads because they are paying money to use the list and why should they pay money then not read the ads?

Many marketers read safelist ads to know what sells and what is new, I do it all the time it is a private reservoir of current promotions. They also learn from the headlines, if there are headlines which do attract them. Why wouldn’t these headlines attract more people? The ads which you see every day or every week again and again, must be good ones, otherwise they would not be sent out when they do not get any response. You cannot only advertise with safelists, you also can learn from safelists! So choose only paid safelists because most of them will generate extra income.

7. Off Line Marketing - Some programs are better suited to marketing offline, though you can market just about any business in offline publications.  Pamphlets, business cards, flyers and sticky notes or just some of the ways you can drive traffic to your site. Other ways are magnetic signs, door hangers and the small penny saver type newspapers that are easy on your pocket book. Mail order dealers host a reservoir of publications and ad sheets where you can place small inexpensive classifieds or display ads. And they are still as popular today as they were fifty years ago.

8. Blogging – Most Blogs are free just like this one and I know a lot of people who are afraid to get started in Blogging. A Blog is just a website that is very easy to setup with pre-made templates that you can choose from. If you know how to upload images, host images, copy affiliate links, paste and type, you can build a Blog. You can start here on Blogger just by signing into your Google account and clicking on Blogger from Google+, setup a test Blog and do not publish it until you are ready.

You can set up as many free Blogs as you need and delete the ones you no longer use. I like to look for free templates to use on Blogger, but they take a little knowledge of HTML. You can still use the free templates that load automatically, research how to use Blogger in Google, it’s a snap and they rank very well on Google because it’s all in the family. Plus they have a good stats feature built in so you can see where your traffic is coming from.

Being a new business owner you don't have time to waste, you have to get out of the gates quickly and begin generating leads by any means necessary to get the momentum and results you need to grow your business. Once you establish a daily routine for generating leads for your home business, you'll find prospecting people and getting signups in to your business becomes easier than ever.


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